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Sunny Large 1500W Portable Power Station 135Ah 4 USB PORT 220V(50Hz) AC output UPS

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  • Large capacity, built-in lithium battery 2500mAh 18650 power battery online type UPS storage power product ES-1000
  • This product adopts high frequency circuit design, which has the advantages of small volume, light weight and high conversion efficiency
  • Unique 4 24VDC output, maximum output current as high as 5A; 4 and 24 v DC
  • This product provides both ac and dc output
  • This product also has solar power charging port

      Electrical parameters of the product

    Model Sunny Large
    Capacity 12V 135Ah            1500Wh   
    Output power 1000W MAX :1500W
    Input voltage AC 110V60Hz
    Output voltage  110V 60Hz
    DC output 24V/5A  5V/2A
    LED light 1W  
    Solar charging 24V 300W
    Output wave type  pure sine wave
    Reaction time ≤5MS
     Over load After overloading, the AC output is disconnected, the LED is bright red, Disconnect loadand the recovery is restarted
      Short circuit The AC output is disconnected after short circuit. Disconnect load and the recovery is restarted
    Overcharge protection With overcharge protection function
    Over-discharge protection With over-discharge protection function
    Charge-time 12-14H

     Support time

     MP 5V About 160 times
    LED light 24V 30W 12V LED 50 hours
    Laptop about 38 hours
    Fan 50W fan about 30 hours
    LTV 32inch about 33 hours
    Energy-saving lamps 60W lamp about 25 hours