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Automotive Digital Charger/Maintainer, 1.5/10 Amp, 12V Smart Car Battery Charger. AE1000

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  • 10 / 1.5 AMP Digital Intelligent Charger
  • AC Voltage : 110~240Vac
  • Charge Current : 10/1.5Amp
  • Application : 12V SLI/VRLA/GEL/AGM, CAL/CAL, AGM SPIRAL START-STOP Lead Acid, LiFePO4 Batteries
  • Indicators : Full LED display
  • Features : Switches to Float Mode Automatically (Speed Charge), Microprocessor Controlled 9-Stage Charging, Charge batteries fully in the low temperature, Simple to diagnose the battery, and rule out bad condition batteries. Repairs poor capacity-storage battery automatically. Auto-Polarity, Spark Free & Over-Charging Protection, Optimizes Battery Performance & Longevity


Model Number  AE1000E
Charging Current  (Max)1.5 Amp : 2.3Ah – 30Ah ; 10 Amp: 30Ah –200Ah (Switchable) Voltage AC 220~240V, 50/60Hz
Applicable battery
• 12V Start-stop EFB, Start-stop AGM, WET, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM and GEL lead-acid batteries • 12V LiFePO4 starting battery Low starting voltage 2V for Lead-acid battery;10V for LFP battery
Charging algorithm 9 stages for Flooded/AGM/GEL lead-acid battery 6 stages for LiFePO4 battery (Charging curve design for customer’s requirement)
Operation Temperature
-20~50℃, output power is reduced automatically at high temperatures Power Supply Yes (Data savor function) Temperature Compensation Automatic (Built-in temperature sensor)