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Portable Power Station,UPS 54600mAh 3 USB PORTS,1 TYPE C 220V(50Hz) AC INPUT Pure Sine Wave ,Lithium-Ion High quality, G200

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  • Build-in High Capacity 3.7V / 54600mAh / 145WH Lithium Polymer Battery,Off-grid power supply for camping CPAP or emergency backup
  • Contains pure sine wave, which provides cleaner power than modified sine wave,no harmful to your 110V/220V devices
  • Independent charging and discharging circuit modules allow you to power or charge your devices while simultaneously recharging Lipower UPS AC power bank.
  • Large Capacity 54600mah Lithium Battery & Total Output of 200 Watts
  • 200 Watt Portable Generator Power Station, CPAP Battery Pack, Home Camping Emergency Power Supply Charged by Solar Panel/Wall Outlet/Car with 220V/110V AC Power Inverter, 3 DC 12V Ports, USB Ports

Product Specifications

Product type Portable Solar generator
Model Number SUNNY MINI 
Built in Battery 192Wh (54600mAh /3.7V)
High quality A+ battery cell
Input Charging AC110V-220V 50/60Hz
Solar Panel input DC12.6-18V (50-150W)
Car Charging DC 12V
DC Output 3 x DC12V/3A
3 x USB 5V/2.1A
1 x TypeC
AC output 2 x AC110V 60Hz /220V 50Hz
DC max output DC 12V
Output wave Pure Sine Wave
Operation temperature -20°C~-60°C
Lifecycle  over 800 times
Length(mm) 105
Width(mm) 105
Height(mm) 210
Weight (kg) 1.8 (Net weight)